The Hub Peacebuilding Video Interview Series:

Rotarian Peace Troubadour, Jerry Leggett, has been visiting Rotary clubs across the U.S. asking the question, "What does peacebuilding look like for you?"  In 2017, he plans to interview 200 Rotarians to celebrate the world's largest peacebuilding force and gain insight into how the Rotarian Action Group for Peace can help Rotary grow "a world of peacebuilders through peace literacy." 






  • Rebecca Crall, Rotary International
  • Terry Mock, Archangel
  • Bianca Neff, Rotary Peace Fellow, Founder, Petra Peacebuilders
  • Reem Ghunaim, Rotary Peace Fellow, Director of Operations, RAGFP
  • Mike Caruso, District Peacebuilder, PDG,
  • Opel
  • Wayne Markel