Experience Peacebuilding through a Jerry Leggett performance in your community!

We’re building a world where everyone has something to share and no one is ostracized.
— Pete Seeger

Photography provided by Patsy Ferrell


"Thank you, Jerry so much for all you contributed to the World Peace Conference 2017 in Ann Arbor.  Wow! You and Patsy know how to rock the audience just like you promised.  And it was so much fun to have the Peace Hub outside in the driveway of the Michigan Union.  The organizers appreciate all that you brought to us in Ann Arbor." 

~ Rosemarie Rowney, Co-Convener, 2017 Rotary World Peace Conference


About Jerry Leggett

Jerry Leggett is a musician, peace educator and workshop leader. He is a founder of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation and the Peacebuilders Walk & Village. Leggett served as the Executive Director of the Dayton International Peace Museum from 2014 to 2017. 

Jerry has been performing his original tunes in a variety of venues for more than four decades.  His songs such as "Be Kind to Yourself and Other Endangered Species" express empathy for human struggle and people-at-risk.  Jerry's presentations embody a positive message that offer a call to consensus action.

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"Somebody's Child," performed by Jerry Leggett (Written by Doug Peters)" celebrates the gift of children of all cultures throughout the world.