The Little Peace Literacy Lexicon™  "Waging Peace One Word at a Time"

  "One Month, One Word"

Peace Literacy is a language for the art of living. The Peace Literacy calendar focuses on words that can lead us to wage peace through everyday actions. One month, one word. How many times can you wage peace with this word?

  • One letter can change "word" to "world."
  • One action can change our individual world, rippling into the outer world.
  • What word can change your world today?

This resource will feature a monthly quote on a peace literacy word from Paul K. Chappell author of "The Art of Waging Peace"

West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and former U.S. Army Captain, Paul K. Chappell is the Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.  After experiencing a traumatic upbringing and growing up tri-racial in Alabama, Paul K. Chappell has been forged by violence and rage into a warrior for peace.