21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation


To wage peace through the power of peace literacy,
one word at a time.  

To develop and deliver
peace literacy resources
that draw upon the best science and best practice
to offer a common language
for peaceful co-existence.

To be a mobile hub that inspires communities
to provide peace literacy education
at every stage of life.

To encourage social entrepreneurs
to develop 21st century technology
that makes peace literacy accessible to all.


A secure, just and prosperous world where the ideals and skills of peace literacy are a way of life.

Core Values for Board, Staff and Volunteers

  • Commitment to the Foundation and Passion for its Vision, Mission and Goals
  • Civility in all Communications
  • Honest and Caring Dialogue Centered in Trust and Hope
  • Listening with Patience and Attentiveness
  • Commitment to Courage and Critical Thinking
  • Gratitude and Appreciation in All Endeavors
  • Commitment to Truth in Understanding the Best Science and Best Practices for Peacebuilding
  • Attentiveness to the Role Trauma Plays in Conflict Transformation
  • Striving for Excellence
  • Honoring Every Stakeholder with Dignity and Justice
  • Dedication to Completing Each Step of Our Mission
  • Integrity in Word and Deed
  • Teamwork and Cooperation with Empathy and Respect