Team Captain Peace Hero Selection Form

Thank you for volunteering to be a team captain for the Peace Heroes Walk Around the World (PHWATW).

For walk day, we want to honor your peace hero with a trading card and a sign using a design similar to the one shown here for Jennifer Longdon.

To do this, we need a 25-word bio on your peace hero and a 20- word quotation from him or her. (If your peace hero is a local person, we need a photograph and a signed release; please see the local team captain recruiter for instructions.)

Please use the form below. Twenty-five words don't sound like much, but it takes time and thought to craft a short statement that captures the essence of your peace hero. So, give yourself some time to think it through. When you are ready, follow the instructions to complete the form, and then, at the bottom of the form, click SUBMIT.

Note: Once you submit the form, you cannot retrieve it for editing. If, after submitting, you think a change is required, please complete the form a second time, and in the Peace Hero's Biography block (and/or in the Peace Hero Quotation Block, if applicable), type the word Correction and then type in the new text.