Team Registration Instructions (4 Steps)

1. Download the following resources to help guide your work as a team captain.

2. Identify a peace hero you wish to honor.

You may decide to honor either (a) one of the well-known peace heroes shown here in the slide-show carousel, or (b) someone in your community who fits the definition of a peace hero: A peace hero is often an everyday person who takes risks and succeeds in making the world a less violent and more just place.

3. Register your team under the name of your peace hero.

4. If your peace hero is a local person in your community, read the Local Peace Hero Selection Guidelines (which you downloaded in Step 1) and then complete the Local Peace Hero Submission Form at the bottom of this page. You can come back and do this later if you don't have time now, but please do this as soon as possible. Be aware that if you are walking in honor of a local peace hero, you will need to provide a photo of your local peace hero (in JPEG format and at least 2mb and 300dpi) and a release form signed by your local peace hero.

Note: Once you submit the Local Peace Hero Submission Form, you cannot retrieve it for editing. If, after submitting, you think a change is required, please complete the form a second time, and in the Peace Hero's Biography block (and/or in the Peace Hero Quotation Block, if applicable), type the word Correction and then type in the new text.