The Art of Patsy Ferrell


Patsy ferrell artist statment

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My story -- our reality;

Our story becomes one.

One struggle-- individual,

Individual struggles become integrated into one.

We struggle together

as unique individuals.

We are human,

One humanity

We become, we overcome.


"Ignorance breeds apathy,

stupidity propagates stupidity,

knowledge inspires growth,

creativity awakens resistance."


As I looked at the monster inside of me,

it turned out to be SHE.

SHE was crouched in a corner

shaking and frightened.

Just a little bit of a thing,

barely visible in the darkness.

SHE is the monster "unleashed."

By clawing and scratching and hissing and spewing,

SHE fights for her existence.


(Excerpts of a poem by PF)

"... Who are the innocent, the children who have been raped, tortured, confused, abandoned

and left to die one way or the other ...

Who are the survivors ... aren't they somehow the living dead ... they hold the keys that unlock all the secrets ..."