21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation presents


“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.”
— Gloria Steinem
My art is an extension of myself taking a new form and giving voice to that which drives my existence.
— Patsy Ferrell


by Patsy Ferrell

The purpose of this project is to lift up women in the reality of their humanity.  To give women acknowledgement and nobility by making visible their valient struggle to be realized as human beings with human rights, able to exist and live in their own right.

As artist David Hockney says, "If we are to change our worldview, images have to change ...  the artist now has a very important job to do ... [she] is really needed."

Patsy Ferrell is an artist who defines herself as a "cultural healer."  Her goal is to draw individuals toward difficult truths that society is too blinded by cultural norms to see.


The first piece in this project is a 46" by 60" acrylic painting bringing together six women in history who have worked to bring about the emancipation of themselves and other dis-empowered individuals as they struggle to overcome the institutionalized normalization of violence against women in their cultural systems.

This piece will be accompanied by a collection of Peace Literacy Cards with the stories of each individual woman.

The piece will be shown, cards will be distributed and the artist will engage in a monologue showcasing and bringing to life the stories and truths of women's struggles toward emancipation.