Creating a culture of peace

through the arts …

Join creative artists Jerry Leggett and Patsy Ferrell

as they share powerful stories of human courage, adversity, determination and equality.


Through original music, visual art, video interviews, drama and humor you’ll experience transformational ideas and practical skills for everyday peacebuilding in your community.

(Click play for video highlights from the 4th Annual Five Rivers PbX held at the Dayton Metro Library on Sunday, afternoon, Sept. 16.)

Every PbX is a unique experience reflecting its local setting


Resource Leaders

Jerry Leggett and Patsy Ferrell, Creative Artists and Founders of 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation, Dayton, Ohio

Jerry Leggett and Patsy Ferrell, Creative Artists and Founders of 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation, Dayton, Ohio


patsy ferrell, painter, storyteller


Patsy Ferrell, LCSW, is a painter, photographer and retired trauma therapist. The “Women Are Human” Traveling Exhibit features her latest painting,“Les femmes sont humaines” (translated, “Women Are Human”). Ferrell’s signature painting style, Integrative Collage, offers a unique approach to cultural healing through the arts.

JERRY LEGGETT, singer-songwriter, EVENTS producer


Jerry Leggett, a peace advocate and former Director of the Dayton International Peace Museum is a popular workshop leader, speaker and entertainer. With 70 songwriting credits, Leggett’s recordings have sold 100,000 copies worldwide. The PbX is the brainchild of Leggett who has produced dozens of peace-related events across the USA.

If you want peace in your world, make space for it.
— Jerry Leggett, PbX Creator

What is a pbx?

The Peacebuilder Experience (PbX) is a versatile venue that engages multiple art forms that appeal to a wide range of audiences and ages. Depending on the scope of an event, it offers a choice of three traveling exhibits: “Women Human Pioneers;” “Who Is Your Peace Hero?” and “Waging Peace One Word at a Time.”

How does a PbX Work in My Setting?

A PbX can be structured to fit within the time constraints of an already existing program or expanded to a weekend retreat format with components such as a workshop(s), live music, or a community event for the wider community.


Leggett and Ferrell are founders of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation, an IRS-approved 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The PbX is a program is the main program of 21CPLF and is available to communities on a donation basis.


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