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painting embeds stories of women pioneers in the struggle for human equality

SIX PLUS ONE.  An artist paints six women's stories as one organic whole.  As the seven stories blend with each brush stroke — the whole becomes greater than the individual parts.

My aim is for the viewer to imagine positive ways of working in partnership with people of every gender, culture and experience to mend the broken parts of our world.
— Patsy Ferrell

Women Are Human

"Women must see themselves with new eyes."

~ Simone de Beauvoir


Women Are Human provides a powerful perspective to see women as human beings with human rights, able to exist and live in their own right -- with 'new eyes' to envision a world free from the normalization of violence against women and girls.



WH is a grassroots movement that is organized by volunteers committed to the Peace Literacy Foundation's mission to offer experiential peace education and cultural healing through the arts. 

WH creates fine art, educational presentations and practical resources appropriate for a variety of  settings such as public libraries, YWCA's, schools and community organizations. 

cultural healing through Integrative collage

WH is the brainchild of painter and retired trauma therapist Patsy Ferrell. Her painting, Les femmes sont humaines (first in a series) serves as an avatar for its work.

Ferrell's signature Integrative Collage (IC) painting style embeds the narratives of six women in history she brings to life through her brush. A bold color palette breaks through the barrier of invisibility often experienced by women in male-dominated institutions and culture.


Powerful story-telling through original art. Engaging presentations. Innovative educational resources.

Donor support makes it possible to provide free educational resources including:

  • WH "With New Eye's" Story/Action Card Sets;

  • WH Educational Panel Exhibit for libraries, schools and community settings.

  • WH free/low cost presentations for organizations with limited budgets.

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In 2019, WH is establishing a program to exhibit museum-quality reproductions of Les femmes sont humaines  and traveling panel exhibits in public libraries and other educational settings.

During the month of September, 2019,  WH Traveling Exhibits are scheduled at the Dayton Metro Library and several of its branches. Book Discussion Groups will engage the stories of the women featured in the painting.

WH On the Road

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WH is ready to come to your community with a presentation or to help organize an exhibit.  Complete the contact form online to get more info or email us at: peaceliteracyfoundation@gmail.org.

The normalization of violence against women within institutions is a kind of background wallpaper in the realm of their existence.
— Patsy Ferrell

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